Friday, October 12, 2012


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happy insta-friday friends!

we went to the big game saturday
me and my sister
it was such a thrill
we are so lucky to live where we can attend
a game with 100,000+ others
exciting... to say the least!

i've been lucky enough to attend some great college football games in my life
even though i did not attend a big 12 school
nor did anyone in my family
but nonetheless we love college football
and seeing it in person is awesome!

this was the best game and experience i've had
i love the longhorns!
so much gratitude for our friends who gave us the tickets
and kept the boy's all day and night while we played fans!
blessed beyond what we deserve

tammy is definitely NOT a texas fan
but still loves a good football game
and she wanted to cheer for the home team ;)
thanks sister!
and thanks for making the trip to go with me

we got to tailgate with friends from church and their big family
and the bonus of it all
 adam was on the field
working the chains
a member of the officiating crew

and i used my binoculars to keep an eye on him
he was perfectly placed directly across the field
on the visitor side
in a big 12 vest and white hat

we caught this shot on TV while watching the recording
so happy jadam is living the dream
and one step closer to being in stripes on the Big 12 field
way to go bb!!

tam and i were living the dream saturday
besides going to the game
we had buy one get one free starbucks
and heavenly pedicures

texas lost to west virginia
boo hoo
but we still had the best time
and can't wait to go again!!

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