Monday, December 31, 2012

more christmas 2012

we had a great holiday 
truly so blessed for it all
 home for some of it

 long long travels to be with family for some it - and we're not done yet
 it's hard and messy - celebrating  with family 500+ miles away
 i try because i love them
and miss them - well, some of them :)

we spent an afternoon with my dad
he's not been feeling the best so we didn't get to stay long
he was excited to have all three of his kids there

 we live 2 states away from each other.
it's hard to be so far away


mom @ aunt jan's
aunt alice baked dozens of cookies
linda made white chicken chili on saturday night for dinner with fritos & cheese
we drank some wine and helped wrap presents
tammy said "it wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't have to wrap our own presents." ;)

 hanging with cousins
they hadn't played together in several years 
 they became fast friends
 and were LOUD playing together for 7 hours straight
cooper and corbin had FUN getting to know mason 7, morgan 4, and camilla 3.
it's fun to have so many cousins close in age to play with.
aunt alice made these adorable sweater and hat sets.

my sister and my cousin, Jared (13) it was his birthday 12-29-12

the boys got to see lots of snow in Oklahoma
it was COLD

we have one final family celebration the first weekend in january with adam's family
 we've really stretched ourselves this holiday season
 next year we are GOING SKIING!!! :)

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