Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas goody giving

the boy's christmas break from school began today
i'm lucky i get to stay home with them
this little dude was a big helper in the kitchen
we baked and packaged up goodies for our neighbor friends
10 of them! 
warm banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, and sausage balls galore. 
it was fun to bake together

from our dirty -in-need-of-a-paint-job front door to yours

my elves offered immediate front door delivery! :)

i didn't get to take any pictures after we started baking
prepped, baked, cooled, packaged, labeled. GONE!

we passed a field a few blocks down with new hay bales yesterday
we went back today for a photo op
i helped them climb up
then they smiled big as they slid down the side
good times

cold, WINDY, december afternoon

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