Tuesday, December 11, 2012

around here

hello... i'm still here
busy changing our daily routine just a bit
i'm back to work for the first time in 3 years
it's strange and fun and exhilarating to work again
but the morning commute is stupid

the halls are decked with some of our favorite christmas decorations. 
the tree is up
it has lights 
and it's as beautiful as ever
we love our little pre-lit artificial tree
it's good enough this year

i did get a fresh wreath for the front door
bummed all the good smelling greenery is OUTSIDE and not in
but oh well
elijah the elf made his annual appearance
we woke up with him on the kleenex box the 2nd of december
silly elf was covered up taking a nap with his eyes WIDE OPEN. 
can you believe it?
the boy's play along pretty well :)

i love that little mouse
my grandma mandy crocheted these for us when we were little
rare gem from years and years ago

we are foregoing the lights outside this year
adam's not in the mood... i don't blame him
it's a lot of work 
and brrrr it's REALLY cold out there 
cooper found elijah all wrapped up in our felt garland
that silly elf

love this little guy
he's been around for a long time too

the boys are growing and outgrowing shoes and clothes like crazy 
that's a good thing :)
just wish they would slow down the growing a bit

PTA is keeping me super busy. 
our school collected $700 worth of these little squares
i love volunteering at the boy's school
 it's the best!
  wish i could make all the other drama and nonsense go away
that comes with being on the board
dislike all the power struggling
and mud slinging

it's been a learning experience

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