Thursday, November 29, 2012

Field Trip {1st grade}

The boy's 1st grade class had their first field trip of the year this week.
We went on a guided tour of the state Capitol building.

our guide was ms Georgia. 
She knew her Texas history! 
And taught us a lot about the Senate, House of Representatives
 and told us about famous people who our city and counties are named after.
 It was interesting and amazing!

this is the Senate chambers. 
 They meet here to make new laws every odd year.
the seats on the 2nd level are open to the public
to come listen in while they are in session

ms. georgia pointed out the famous pioneers in texas in this giant painting
and we memorized the location of the san jacinto monument... east of houston :)

this is the house of representatives
so beautiful this time of year

our little class of 1st graders
17 sweet boys and girls
6 girls and 11 boys
oh my!

we are excited to go back in the 4th grade to learn in-depth
 the workings of the senate and house of representatives

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