Friday, November 9, 2012

girl's day away {fredericksburg, tx}

ericka and i went to the hill country wine country. 

Texas wine country :-)
about 30 minutes outside of town
scenic back country roads
that lead to neat shops

 and scenes like this
we started at this quaint little stop in the middle of no-where

Sister Creek Winery
award winning wines

perfect location
friendly people
cheap to try it out
and goooood wine

our favorite was the Pinot Noir
red wine

then onto a big fancy vineyard/winery
cool atmosphere
i want to take adam back for sure

and our last stop was a wine tasting store
for Messina Hof wines
with these pretty yellow flowers outside
a tv to keep an eye on the score
texas/tech game
cozy spot to sit and charge my phone
and rehydrate with lots of water
no more wine
8 different samples is plenty for one day
and we met up with some of ericka's high school friends 

ericka, ginger, stacy, jennifer
fun girls

our wine touring ended with this beautiful sunset

then a fabulous dinner
at the Navajo Grill

i really enjoyed our day touring texas "wine country"!

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