Saturday, November 10, 2012

photo session {coopcorb}

the boys were so cooperative and into our little photo shoot
 it was early morning with the best light
 i could have taken hundreds more pics
 of course after 5-7 they were ready to just "explore now"
both of them have light, sensitive eyes
  can't stand to be looking towards the sun for more than a sec

i love all the outtakes

this is so them
but not the right spot or angle
thankfully they were willing to relocate for another try

as well as this one - so them
we got our "money" shot, as we called it
for our christmas card 
(stay tuned)

and i think they boys were pleasantly surprised how fun posing for mom can be

and i want to cry now because they are so handsome
and big
not my babies anymore
like, at all
sniff sniff

1 comment:

  1. Love the photos and love those boys! Makes "Umple" proud.


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