Wednesday, January 23, 2013


the precious girl we sponsor in uganda wrote us a letter :) 
(there was quite the delay in receiving it

so happy to hear from her
i think of her so much
looking back at pictures from my time there
the people
the sights
the sounds
the joyful happy people
who need our love and time
almost 40 orphans living here
one "mom"

 i can't wait to go back and see these girls
sarah, christine & faith

god bless them and keep them safe, well fed, loved and strong in their faith

i pray they are learning to sew
 christine was so excited to learn when i was there
she has the prettiest smile, sings like an angel, and gives the best hugs

If you are lead to sponsor or donate to ms agnes' orphange in Uganda here is the link to go...
Please go to

be a good steward

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