Monday, August 20, 2012

random monday list

shorts to hem for adrian
skirts to hem for annabeth
barbie zippered wristlets for april
a quilt out of baby clothes for kara
there's always sewing to be done... but instead i went scrapbooking
it had been sooooo long. 
i have a lot of pictures i want to scrapbook
it's mostly all for and of the boys
i know they will appreciate it
i'm planning one day a month for scrapbooking at felicia's this fall
fall is coming! adam had his first scrimmage on friday
football is back! 

i've got two books to finish reading and two bible studies coming up next month
genesis and john - my first BSF class, and another beth moore study with my DSUMC gals.

kids go back to school next monday
i'm ready! 

daily workouts and early morning cooking will be important
PTA duties as secretary will keep me on my toes 
our first event is today... a luncheon for school staff who return to school today! 

thursday is back to school night 
meet the teachers, drop off supplies, look around the classroom
i'm excited! 

boys still need backpacks 
gotta make a trip to Sam's to stock up on lunch food 
early mornin's, rise and shine! school starts at 7:30 
(it's 8:30 here now and one boy is still sacked out)

have a blessed week!

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