Friday, August 24, 2012


linking up with jeanette at Life Rearranged again this week.
life rearranged
I'm aacurtis on Instagram.

dorky self portrait
 blame it on the make up
 i dressed up 
 i had to get a picture of THAT!

huge shopping trip success
we were out of everything... ugh!
$300 later it's all in the car 

i survived the walmarts
with kids in tow
 mom of the year !

gaining inspiration to start this project 
canvas and paint are bought
 i think i'll start it on monday

and my husband smiles HUGE
we love football around our house
huge fans of college ball
texas teams, Big 12
we watch a lot of college football

and of course adam is "officially" involved in jv & high school football
 my very own linesman :)
adam's new official's shirt for the season
his 14th season officiating
new crew
should be exciting

this little guy is officially hair ready for the 1st grade
check out his little big teeth combination
goofy grill

we are going to miss all the lazy afternoons at the Y swimming pool
it closes the first day of school :(

LOVE all the new school supplies 
for cheap too!

super happy about the boy's 1st grade class & teachers!
 we are blessed again with the cream of the crop :) 
thank you Lord!! 
these guys are worth it! 

i can't wait to edit these shots i got last night
oh this girl

happy friday
have a great weekend!

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