Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School {First Grade}

my first born's first day of first grade. whaaa! where does the time go?
 man i love him something fierce. 
such a sweet kid. funny. handsome. complicated. smart. 
curious.  creative. compassionate. giving. protective.
he is his own little guy. and i love that for him.
god has cooper in his grip. my angels have told me so :)

oh silly corbin pierce. of course he needed a turn holding the sign TOO! 
such a cute little guy... seriously.  he certainly has my heart. he's smart. 
sensitive. natural leader. silly. active. bossy. thinker. talker. 
corbin is a blessing! i can't wait to see how he soars on through the 1st grade!

 we sure are blessed to be parents to this big duo.
and yes, they are growing like weeds!

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