Monday, March 18, 2013

hello spring

this weekend was so nice
it's starting to warm up and be sunny 
at the same time
feeling like spring

and there's always enough wind in kyle
so we took the dogs to the dog park and flew a kite

it's been so long since we've flown kites
really a fun thing to do

coach and mocha went crazy when they saw that shuttle start flying right above us at the dog park
love the freedom for the dogs to run at the dog park
do not however like the stickers mocha came home with all buried in her curly fur
we need a new place

spring break 2013 was a hit
short trip to Nana's for the boy's
then a long weekend at home
cook out with the silvert's, fishing with dad, pot luck with church friends, subway, donuts before church
we've officially over eaten and splurged! time to go back to work, and send the kids back to school.

summer is around the corner!

I've seen little patches of bluebonnets here and there this week
found this beauty growing solo at the dog park

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