Monday, March 4, 2013

karate tournament {#2}

the boy's had a karate tournament yesterday
cooper is white above
working on a nice kick

below Corbin throws a sneak left punch to the chest
and won the point over his opponent's attempted side kick

the first one to 3 point wins
both boys had a close match
oh it's so exciting
and over SO fast!
down to 2 to 2
adam and i just sit on the sideline reminding them "hit him".
it works
they both won 1st place medals!

mr "d" (their karate instructor) was referee of corbin's match
the tournament is two exciting 5 minute matches and then it's over
well for our kiddos
the gym is full of about 200 other kids and families waiting their turn

 boys take their next rank test for orange belt on march 25th
 we have to finally learn to tie their belt on our own
lord help me
i can't tie that thing right for nothin'!
boy's will have to finally learn and teach ME :)

pretty awesome little karate fighters
congratulations on a win win guys!

happy, hot, and hungry
way to work hard
Sparring Champs!

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