Friday, March 8, 2013


linking up with jeanette at life rearranged again this week
i'm aacurtis on INSTAGRAM

life rearranged
i found a new favorite bath & body scent
thanks to my friend kris :)

breakfast with dad before school
the boy's dressed alike, and didn't even notice until we were walking to the car to head to school

 watch that tail... mocha's tail is like a whip
she's fierce

except when she's passed out on the bathroom floor
making us step over and around her
silly doodle nooodle

look at those birth dates
4 kids
1 set of twins
all exactly 12 months apart
bam bam bam bam

have you seen one of these?
toe pull
no more washing hands and then having to touch the door handle
they were recently installed on the restrooms in our office building
nifty gadget
tricky to get the hang of using
i almost grab that handle every time
as i balance on one foot and use the other to open the door
perfect for the germophob in all of us :)
and a little exercise in balance too
win win

my social calendar is evite exciting this month
going to a slumber party tonight... it's been like 30 years - i'm giddy excited
like i'm 9 again

next week is spring break
boy's are off to nana's for a long weekend
i'm hoping for some quiet evenings at home with my man
with a few parties, dinner dates, and productive days at home thrown in :)

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