Tuesday, February 1, 2011

happy oneth of the month

this time last week i was busy baking these pumpkin muffins . and rainbow jello for the boys. both in the same day ! i was feelin good....
and BAM the next day the whole family is sick.
sick kids always worry me. sick husband... the worst. i was even sick with 101 fever. mean virus. thankfully now a week later half of us are nearing 100% and the other half are getting close. boo for this time of year. we always get sick in jan or feb.

i love peter krause on Parenthood. he is so likeable in every way.
excellent show! i admit it does scare to be the parents of teenagers. i have so much to learn. and teach. and i have a lot of faith. amen.

hope you are staying warm and cozy. this winter storm is unreal!

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