Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i love paper and pictures

Oh yes I do! it started in the early 90's. it was all about the paper and supplies. creative memories stuff. the pictures and the story were a complete after thought, really. oh i'm preserving memories? recording my life?!
journaling and story telling were completely left out on most pages. that's really sad to me sometimes, but i also know it's gonna be okay. it's okay if every memory isn't recorded in a scrapbook with photos and words. whatever pictures are taken and preserved will be a treasure beyond any measure. the end. {i am way more focused on the story and the moments captured in my camera now, btw. AND the love of paper lives on !}

i always have a pile of completed layouts or half completed layouts waiting to be put into a sheet protector and placed in an album. i love these albums. they hold a lot and it's super easy to add pages along the way. i've never had much luck with the post hold type album.and it's about time i empty this archiver's bag from my last trip there uh.... last month. and fill up this new paper holder. i'm using it for pattern papers.

the boys love love love stickers, and glue and cutting paper. i'm glad :)

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