Monday, January 10, 2011

These Are The Days!

a day spent at the park.
the boys rode their new bikes.
having a peanut butter and honey sandwich picnic lunch was a big hit.
we ended our afternoon with an impromptu visit to the state capitol.
beautiful and adventurous day! Corbin got a big kick out of rolling down the hills around the capitol lawn. Cooper was especially thrilled to be having a picnic lunch at the park.

kindergarten starts in 7 short months. this mama is so ready! well pretty ready... it will be hard to leave them at first and I'll miss their company during the day. they'll be moments spent wondering if their happy, warm enough, feeling accepted, learning a lot. sigh Onward we go to a new chapter in life. so blessed to be here. soon our time will be dictated by the school calendar and lots of sports practices. we'll miss the freedom of days like this. the days are long but the years are short. love that quote. rings very true.

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