Friday, January 14, 2011

{{Ella Bella Photography}}

we absolutely LOVE Ella Bella Photography! she's the best, really! we could never thank her enough for these images of our boys.
I won the session on her fan page on Facebook. (see honey there are some good things that come off of FB)

little coop, or just coop, cooper peyton, cooper p, supercoop, coopsoup

these two! makes my heart ache a little how blessed we are together. they truly love each other like no other.
corbin pierce, corbin, corb

dream come true to have professional outdoor family pictures taken just in time for the holidays. they turned out amazing!


  1. Facebook is the Devil.

  2. those are some beautiful images. i love my facebook fan page. love the interaction there.

  3. what beautiful pictures and your boys are too cute! thanks for the birthday wishes and so happy you found hearing from moms with twins!
    can't wait to read your blog daily now.


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