Monday, March 26, 2012

hello Monday


hello to his first soccer practice and game.

he caught on really quick, and worked hard for that ball. he was tired and hot afterward. maybe a little reluctant for another "game". we'll see. he's little and learning.

hello to DAY TWO of working it OFF at the YMCA.
hello to the return of Mad Men on AMC. last night's 2 hours were divine and entertaining.oh don draper

hello to yarn i found to send my aunt. she will make this into some clothing treasures sometime this year for the guys. heather gray is the best!

hello to little boys in church.
growing up... sitting in front of us for a bit yesterday.

hello to beyblades. the boy's favorites right now. ALL the boys. they are everywhere.
it's a fancy top. using a rip cord you spin your top in the collesium against each other. it's actually a pretty cool toy. and mobile. which is always nice.

hello to spring. bluebonnets.

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