Friday, March 23, 2012

more good

so much to smile about as we end this week.

the boy's had 5 great days at school!
spring break is a good idea.
seems they are recharged and excited about going to school again.
now the final push to kinder graduation in 9-10 weeks. wow!
oh my goodness! this year went too fast!!!

these electric scooters their friends let them play on are so RAD.

little coop decided he wanted to learn to ride a bike yesterday.
he picked up skylar's bike and miss ericka did a fine job of keeping him on course and encouraging him along the way. he even rode his bike to school this morning. proud as ever!
corbin started soccer this week. he loves it.
he says... "i like it cause it's lots of exercise." he's an athlete.
but i need to get his developing under bite looked at right away! he does that when he's concentrating. can you say headgear?!
he's #11. the team is 4 boys and 4 girls. they are the crocodiles. should be fun to watch! and i'm the team photographer. lucky me!!

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