Thursday, March 10, 2011

retreat. recharge. rethink.

totally loved Rockin R' Retreat in Temple last weekend. it was a really great couple days. i am so happy with all i accomplished. made some great connections. overall felt like it was a great time of focus. yay! loved spending quality time with my girl inlaws, surrounded by 30+ other super great women, all day and night to scrapbook, craft, eat, laugh, share and recharge. awesome time! I stayed up WAY too late and got up WAY too early though. sleep was not a big priority. i sure felt it when i got home too. we could have easily opened up a HUGE scrapbook store with all the stuff in that big room. there was some big time talent all around me. i wish i'd taken more pics. i still haven't gotten over feeling funny for being papparazzi like all the time. i need to get over it. of course this crazy birthday girl loves the camera. she was workin' it! hey, love those cats eyes. can i borrow that brown please? i'm so blessed for having the opportunity to go. we met some super great women! hope we get to meet again this summer in Arlington at the great american scrap convention. can't wait
Good Times!

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