Wednesday, March 30, 2011

afternoon at the park

swing me higher, momma! corbin pierce loved swinging today. he's never liked it that much until now. he was trying to get the coordination down for pumping himself. i could see the wheels turning in his head by the way he held his tongue partially out of his mouth. i could hardly pull him away from the swings when it was time to move on.when did my little ones turn into such BIG BOYS?! they are becoming so independent. so very tall, and smart. there are days i hardly recognize them. wish they would slow down this whole growing up part of life. i love when they tell me they want to marry me and live here with me and dad forever. meltwe walked all along the river that runs through the park. i showed the boys how fun it is to throw sticks and rocks in the water. Cooper totally loved finding the biggest stick he could and making a big splash.lots of reminders spoken to not get too close to the water. it was deep in places. the thought of having to jump in after one of my babes was very unpleasant. swimming in said "river" with that green stuff... creepy.excited Spring is here! exploring the great outdoors with the boys is big fun.

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