Tuesday, April 5, 2011


life doesn't always go as planned. help others anyway. it's my new favorite quote. i read it at liferearranged.com. perfect! and inspiring.
adam did a great job on this fence. our incredibly awesome next door neighbor's fence. i have to post a picture of the inside of the gate in a few days. way cool new gate door complete with a concrete pad underneath. i tell ya, that husband of mine is brilliant. we will call it the fence that started it all. ha! since then he's repaired two others, bid on replacing another one, and has a repair to complete on a fence two doors down tomorrow. a real furry of work from all different directions right now. work is happening around here. the list of jobs to do is growing daily. i'm making some real progress on this custom sewing project. i can't wait to see it hanging on a wall. all 100" x 60" of it.the boys are busy keeping up with mom and dad's fast paced days. they always find some way to lighten our mood.i love their innocence, curiosity, playfulness, imagination. love my littles BIG!corbin picked me some wildflowers yesterday. i love them.

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