Friday, May 13, 2011


Oh how we love this doggie. {i} had been wanting a doodle of some sort, labra or golden for over a year now. so finding this boy when and how we did was super exciting. he's really taken with Adam. but i'll make him my walking partner in no time.we found him on Craigslist. already named Coach, 8 months old. he was living with three other small dogs who were tormenting his every move. he was hit with bats and sticks by some mean neighbor kids as well. the owner was sweet enough to search out a better home for him.
he was very afraid of the boys at first. but they are so sweet and loving with pets. no worries there! we're loving on him and showing him we're safe. :) he's already a different dog after spending a day and night with our family. we bathed him in the shower and cut some stickers out of his face. he let us brush him and slept right by Adam's side of the bed on the floor all night. Love him!! today we took him to the dog park. he ran around a little. we are working on training him to fetch a tennis ball or frisbee. he's not too sure yet. he's doing really well on the leash.
yay for our first family dog! we look forward to years and years together.

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