Friday, April 12, 2013


happy friday!
phone pictures for the past week or so
linking up with Jeanette @ Life Rearranged
life rearranged

 saturday me and the boys flew kites they got for easter
at lake kyle. we brought along some old bread to feed the ducks too.

love this field of bluebonnets i found on the back roads from our house
it's someone's pasture
so i just took pics from the fence
i didn't dare try to plop my kiddos down in the middle of them like i did when they were little
like we need to be reminded to EAT
but i love the red color in my kitchen
friday night adam surprised me with an impromptu night out
just the two of us
he even arranged the babysitter
an overnight babysitter :)
i have the best husband
boy's are studying texas history this last 10 weeks of school
next week they are to dress like cowboys all day
then they are having a program complete with texas songs and stick horses
this boy was super happy with his new pearl snap shirt and cowboy boots
he was NOT a fan of the cheap little hat i bought
he said he wants a REAL cowboy hat
today they took this book to school to share with their class
the story of the magnificent SAM Houston!
Uncle happens to know the author and illustrator and sent the boy's a signed copy :)
way cool!
great story
thanks Uncle ;)
ronnie in his standing machine
Lord we need a miracle!
and thank you for all your provided thus far
this is pretty amazing

gosh they are getting so tall

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