Wednesday, October 12, 2011

tomatillo salsa

This salsa is amazing! Here are the cast of characters:

Raw radish (to taste) dice small
cilantro (to taste)
onions (to taste) we use red onion
Clean, wash, and boil the tomatillos and jalapeños together - wait till they change color from their natural green color to a tender green. Be aware that the tomatillos will cook faster than the jalapeños.
Blend the tomatillos and jalapeños together. We use the blender. They blend quick so only a turn or two is needed.

In a bowl, pour tomatillo-jalapeños mix, add salt, diced radish, cilantro and onions to taste. Mix everything well. Once you get it to the taste you want, then add the diced avocado and gently mix. Enjoy!!

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