Tuesday, November 22, 2011

thankful week

last week the boy's dual language kindergarten classes had a cultural feast in the cafeteria. This sweet girl, Marisol sat by Corbin. She and Corbin are buds! we tasted some yummy treats, and visited with friends and teachers for a bit. i'm real thankful for the boys teachers.
poor Coach is wearing the cone of shame after being neutered yesterday. pure pitiful. how crappy to have to wear a cone around your neck after surgery. humiliating really. he's handling it well. i think he's in a lot of pain. he stays pretty still all day. poor guy. but thankful for the calm doggie for a few days.

lots more sneak peek pictures from this weekend to share...

i love taking pictures. i really really do. so thankful for this job!
these sweet sisters were so great.

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