Tuesday, November 15, 2011


more cuties from last week's school photoshoot. such a little doll!
instagram phone pics from the past few weeks:

1. corbin wrote me a note asking if their best friend Alex could come play on Monday after school. my big boys!
2. lots and lots of practice writing and coloring everyday
3. another family photo shoot complete and burned to CD
4. the road behind our neighborhood has been under construction and closed down for a year. it's added 10 plus minutes to our commute anywhere we go. they finally opened up the road last week. yay!!
5. cute little poser
6. some lego friends came to church with us on Sunday.
7. yummy pumpkin cheesecake ice cream
8. adam and i made 41 flower pens for ladies attending a church retreat last weekend
9. apple bars... delicious warm easy snack
10. another peak of "S" girls photoshoot. LOVE how their pictures turned out!

look who showed up at our house this morning!

39 days til Christmas!!!

my brother responded to an email I sent him a few weeks ago last night. oh what a joy, to read his words, hear his funny personality still intact. thank you God!!

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