Monday, January 23, 2012

hello monday

the weekend is over. boo hoo.
on friday i made pioneer woman's spicy pop pulled pork. so darn good! i bought a pork butt shoulder roast at HEB. They had some really big ones or a few on the small side. I think the one i got was about 3-4 pound roast. cooked it for about 4-5 hours in the oven. It made plenty for the 4 of us for a few meals. the chipotle in adobe peppers give it the best spicy flavor. YUM i added some new artwork to the boy's room. i think they have outgrown the stage of taking it all down. fingers crossed kept cooper home on friday cause he was coughing and congested over night. it was fun spending one on one time with my boy. and he especially adores having my undivided attention.
i think he's ready to learn to tie shoes. however, he doesn't have any shoes that tie. so he's learning on mine. his bestie Alex at school learned how to tie his so he must keep up. so competitive, this one. deciding what to do with my collection of bottle caps

have a great week!

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