Wednesday, January 11, 2012

i am here to serve with joy

my hubby works a lot these days. thank you dear God for his great job.
many times his work day drags late into the night here at home...
he works for a global company where many of those he works with are working while we are typically sleeping. tonight he is teaching co-workers in malaysia how to use a new financial model he built. and he's loud when he's speaking english to co-workers who speak another language.
so i have my comfy ear buds in listening to this.
i've listened to her "talk" 3 other times. it's sad. inspiring. wise. touching. profound. a lot about Jesus.
better than listening to adam talk about caps, mp's, burst agreements, graduated tiers :-)

know God
know yourself
"the focus of life is too often ourselves when it should be God. and this is the essence of sin."
know the Gospel
know your purpose

listen to rachel. it will change you. for real.

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