Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New digs

we moved!

an hour north
to the country


we are about 15 miles outside of town

our back yard
no grass
 lots of stickers and weeds
and rocks
welcome to the hill country

it's cozy
this new place
adam installed a new fan in the living room
my big strong man!
i'm enjoying having the laundry outside
that's a first for me
we filled up this garage far too quickly
we are excited for 
a new chapter

living in the country is fun

I bet we spend lots more time grilling
eating meals outside at our picnic table
while we pick stickers out of our feet
and watch the deer wander around

there is always a bright side
 i'll focus on that
and look so forward to what this year holds

good bye covent drive
thanks for the memories

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