Wednesday, July 31, 2013

around here

these two monkeys
are having a great summer
of course they are eating lots
playing in the dirt and catching bugs all the time
their current fascination is little frogs they catch while out on the lake at camp
and bring home
oh lovely
we've been super happy with the weeks they've been to camp peniel
the drive is killing our gas budget
but no doubt their time there is spent learning more about God
it is apparent they are loved and cared for well
and kept super busy exploring, riding, swimming, playing, singing
a perfect day for these guys
they made me take pictures too
I know I look thrilled!
oops, cut off mom's head in that one ;)
my oh my these boys are getting so tall
definitely lots of growing going on around here
they LOVE their yearbooks from school
and hanging out on the dog beds :)
when they get home from camp there is lots of just hanging out going on around here
mocha and coach ran off last Saturday morning
for an early morning deer chasing adventure
thankfully it ends well
but we totally spent our entire weekend looking for them
 Coach came home Saturday afternoon
and then our search was for just her
we made flyers
posted them all over, handed them out
talked to everyone we could in the neighborhood
posted her picture on facebook
lost dogs of texas website
faxed a flyer to all the area vet offices
called animal control in two counties
put an ad in the Austin newspaper
we were desperate to find her
by Monday evening we finally gave up looking in our neighborhood 
we felt confident she was NOT in Briarcliff
the breeders were certain she had been picked up/stolen
we kept feeling like it just couldn't be so that someone who found her with her collar and tags would not call us
who steals someones dog?
thankfully no one stole this sweet girl
she was found Tuesday afternoon at 3pm walking down the middle of the road
out in the country
about 6 miles away from our house
I've spoken to the two ladies who simultaneously stopped for her on the road again this morning
and they knew she was special
and needed to find her home
and praise god would not let her away without calling the number on her tag
we can't stop thanking Jesus
she was found
alive and well
other than being REALLY thirsty
her paws are raw in a few places
but she is just fine
so proud of her for being such a survivor
around here
we are happy!

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