Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy August

hello august
I can't believe it's already here.
but since it is I'll try to be happy about it :)

the texas sage is blooming
and the bees are swarming
 i love the purple blooms!

this month we get to celebrate our anniversary
back to school happens in 3 short weeks
and football starts back up for my referee husband

i'm taking full advantage of OLD NAVY's $10 jeans sale
the boys have grown so much this summer
and only have 1 pair of jeans left between the two of them
it's a good time to stock up!
and i remember their sizes run big on my boys so probably ordering size 7's
2 skinny for cooper, 2 regular fit for corbin
it was 104 today
but it won't stay this hot forever
hopefully in 2 months we will have some fall temps

these cowboys are finished with church camp for the year
boo hoo
they loved it so much
(more about that in a post all it's own)

they cracked me up
and a few other mothers mentioned
how comfy they were wearing swim trunks and boots every day
too funny
i say it's good enough for camp
probably not so for school or church

cooper p has been exceptional with his new glasses this summer
they are the perfect fit
he's taken such good care of them
and worn them about 99% of the day

i'm excited for back to school for this kid
he's blossomed 
he's awesome

it's true
she gets a lot of lovin' 
she's just so soft and curly and huggable
and loves to be in our face
this month we have to make some tough decisions about keeping this girl
love her
can't stand the thought of her possibly running off again
she got her first REAL shock this morning
i'm praying we see a change in her desire to RUN after every deer, bunny, bird she sees
bless her heart
it's just her nature

these are the little cuties who gave pig pig a new home
they LOVE him!
we are so glad
we miss him. he was a sweet pet.

hello august!

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