Friday, August 30, 2013


happy Friday
linking up with Jeanette at life rearranged
we have almost survived week one of the new school year
the early morning schedule is HaRd to adjust to, right?
we leave our house by 7am
that's just early
these little guys have been doing GREAT getting up and being ready
so far they love their new school

such big 2nd graders
sniff sniff
i'm attempting a note in their lunch box every day
5 days down, only 180ish more to go
I love scrapbooking
it's such a fun hobby
so grateful for the Saturdays I get to crop with the girls
all day long :)

we were invited to see our friends daughter be baptized after church last Sunday
at the parsonage pool
this was the first baptism our boys have witnessed
other than the sprinkling they do at the alter for a new baby occasionally
what an awesome day
so thankful to be a part of it
blueberry pancakes
made by adam
early sunday morning before church
we found a great new pediatric dentist
over here by our new house
boys were so good during their cleaning
have you ever tried fresh figs?
we did at work this week
such a yummy treat
the boys are going to be acolytes at our church
this sunday cooper will make his debut
so precious!
they look so small in those robes
happy long weekend to all
ours will begin with lots of football related activity
 and conclude with an extra day off :)

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