Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Camp Peniel {Day Camp 2013}

the boys went to day camp for two different weeks at Camp Peniel
you can read more about the camp here

it was great!

we plan to send them next summer for their first overnight camp
and then one week of day camp in July
they have promised some of their favorite chiefs they will see them again next year :)

the young adult chief and maidens (counselors) were great with the boys
we had chief luke the first week, and chief mikey the 2nd week
cooper was really close to chief brandon as well

all the counselors were from young life
a super great christian group of young adults passionate about teaching children more about God
the boys learned about sin
they will tell you "it is anything you think, say, do or don't do that is displeasing to God"!
amen to that

they gained a new perspective and desire to not sin
pretty amazing stuff to witness
our babies are experiencing God away from church, Sunday School, or with us
i'll never know what all they were told
but i know it was positive about loving Jesus and others
and had a POSITIVE affect on the boys hearts for sure!

the boys went
horseback riding
visited a
petting zoo
shot bb guns
shot bow and arrow
went fishing
went swimming EVERYDAY
played many games
learn bible verses
hear bible stories
scavenger hunt

it's a perfect time for two little boys

their FAVORITE end of the day activity was GAGA ball
they played in this ring
with something that resembles a ball
i'm not sure all the rules
but i got that you did not want to be touched by the ball or you were out

the spark has certainly been lit in them
many nights since they are reading the bible in bed on their own
one week at camp they learned about a lot of BAD kings
one night cooper told me he learned a story about a father punishing with whips and scorpions
1 Kings 12:11
oh my!

I was so happy to hear him read me the bible :)

they hung out under this pavilion during parts of the day

cubby holes to hold lunch, towel and water bottle

the boys also learned some great songs at church camp
that we have heard more than we ever care to hear again
just kidding

i love listening to them sing
they are both good at it

i've been redeemed, I've been redeemed by the blood of the lamb
my sins are washed away, oh praise the lord, praise the lord

oh you can't get to heaven
in a motor car
oh you can't get to heaven
in a motor car

one song they sing about the fruits of the spirit
got us reading galatians 5:22 and memorizing the fruits together
it's good times
i don't want to forget

the boots and swim trunks kill me
i could NOT win the battle
so i just let it be :)

until next year...

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