Thursday, August 22, 2013

visit from uncle

A few weeks back we were blessed with a visit from the boys godfather.
All the guys were excited to show off the 9 hole disc golf course in our back yard :)

it was a HOT 100+ degree afternoon
but it didn't stop these tough guys

thanks for coming to visit uncle!

1 comment:

  1. I had an awesome time staying with y'all; it just wasn't long enough! We were had such fun together on the course that I don't think we paid much attention to the heat. We played, laughed, watched the deer, encouraged each other, checked out the still barely flowing spring, and drank our bottled water along the way! When we returned from our outing Amanda had food ready for us as she knew we were going to be a hungry gang. What fun to spend some time with my Curtis family! I miss getting to spend time with you as often but you are always in my heart, thoughts and prayers. Lovin' the Curtis 4 + 2 (can't leave out Coach & Mocha!). -Uncle-


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