Thursday, June 23, 2011

Glen Rose

this is the biggest pool I've ever seen. and most of it is only 4 1/2' deep. the deep end is behind a wall. the boys and lots of kids floated around the shallow side watching the talented big kids dive and flip. our nephew Ryan was a crowd favorite. so talented, and limber, and athletic and young. sigh. i jumped off the trampoline to show the boys i could... just barely i could. geez i felt old up there. of course there's no picture of said jump. you'll just have to ask the boys :)

i didn't get a lot of pictures cause i was in the water playing with the boys most of the time. they wore arm floaties and showed lots of interest in kicking, moving their arms and jumping in. i think this might be the summer they learn to swim!

can't wait for our next adventure to visit our country livin' family. ;)

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