Wednesday, June 8, 2011

memorial day weekend - @ the Texas Coast

we went to Rockport with our neighbors over memorial day weekend. we strapped the boy's bikes to the roof of the car.
while the guys went fishing both days me and April took the boys to the beach and pool. on Friday morning we went to Fulton Beach in Rockport.
the salty air & water, sand between my toes... i love the beach. we tried to make sandcastles but they didn't quite turn out like i imagined. i blame it on the buckets i bought at the dollar tree... so cheap they broke right away. next time i'll spend $3 to get the good sturdy buckets. we had trouble getting the right sand water mixture but we had fun playing anyway. there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE so the boys stayed real close to me in the water. i finally took them out to an island spot 8-10 feet out so we were deep enough to not see jellyfish everywhere and could enjoy swimming and splashing in the waves. good times with my boys! thankfully no one got stung while we enjoyed the waves and salty water. the wind was blowing hard and the sun was real bright. {i need to remember to bring sunglasses for the boys next time.}
Friday afternoon i took the boys across on the ferry to Port Aransas to see Adam's sister and family who were vacationing as well. the boys slept the whole way across the ferry, so i got to take pics. pretty cool riding in the car on a boat, then driving off onto land.
the boys played with their cousin Kiara and Uncle Ronnie in the pool. Kiara was carrying Corbin around in the water and got in over her head. her daddy was occupied splashing the boys and i happen to notice she was bobbing up and down a lot. i almost had to chunk the camera and jump in after her. Uncle Ronnie finally grabbed her up. he made them practice swimming. and splashed them in the face with water a lot. of course they loved it!
whew! this is a long post. we did a lot that weekend. part two tomorrow...

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