Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pig Roast

adam and i went to his annual end of the season lacrosse officials party a few weeks ago. {{loved the vintage lacrosse stick adorning the front door to the party. i can't remember the age of the house, but it's near the UT campus in downtown Austin. Totally remodeled, yet quaint and still old, and immaculately clean. my kind of dream home.}} the officials bought a full pig and roasted it. 75lb piggy laid open in all his glory. the guys were crazy to eat the crispy skin pieces.
we brought an ear and the tail home to Coach. the roasters read online that the brains were a must try... and they did. Umm no thanks. all the women passed on that one. they said it tasted like liver. still no thanks. it was a stretch to sit and eat off the pig sitting right in front of us. but he was good. the tenderloin was delicious.
yay for lacrosse in Austin! love all the friends we've made here.
and one day soon our boys will be old enough to play.

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