Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brazos House {retreat}

ahhh this place was heavenly! the views, sweet country dogs, donkeys and cat, the food!, the home sweet home feeling in each and every room. felt very spoiled! we all wanted to move in. Kay's hospitality was superb! can't wait to go back soon.

i have lots of pictures to share...

my sister in law did an amazing job hosting the weekend. much thanks to she and my mother in law for making it possible for me to be there. met so many super sweet Christian ladies. enjoyed spending the weekend laughing, crafting and eating together. god is good!

can't wait to show off (in another post) what i worked on all weekend.


  1. Ahhh! Country life! Love the pics. They make me want to curl up on a couch and eat all that yummy food.

    p.s. I'll explain my couch issues in a post soon. :)


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