Wednesday, September 14, 2011

cricut cover {life}

I made a Texas themed Cricut cover by request for a friend.
It was my first experience sewing a binding on anything, by hand.
It was actually really fun... once I got the hang of it.

I made her a matching scrap/thread catcher. She loves all things Texas! These both will look so good in her scrap room and Texas decorated home.
it's been quiet around here this week. i guess the emotion of all that we are carrying around right now just seems so heavy to talk about. feeling at the end of my rope. literally at the end of our financial rope, and facing so so much to catch up on when Adam starts the job.

it doesn't feel right to complain in light of all that others are dealing with. {9/11 anniversary, wildfires 30 miles away destroying 1,500+ homes, extreme drought conditions, illnesses} of course it could be worse.

our burdens feel heavy. we know our God is in control. praying and trusting in Him. thankful for His mercies that come from unexpected places.
growing in faith... thankful for how this time has changed our hearts.

by His power we choose to stay positive. keep a happy face for our boys. and not despair.

keeping in real,

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  1. thanks for being brave and for putting this out there. wishing peace and happiness for you...hugs. xxo


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