Friday, September 16, 2011

three cheers for FRIDAY!!

Adam starts his new job on Monday.
Over the moon happiness this afternoon.

unemployed for 6 months. not easy!
The wait has been so very long. like a dear friend reminded me Wednesday at bible study... quite reminicient of waiting for that positive pregnancy test, first ultrasound, and birth of our precious miracle babies. waiting is just hard.
but we trusted, relied, waited, believed, and now we will rejoice and relax!!

today after taking the boys to school we busied ourselves making a huge batch of tomatillo salsa & guacamole to take to some friend's house for dinner tonight. and i made my first ever loaves of zucchini bread that turned out simply delicious!!
i can't wait to make more to share cause these two loaves are ummm maybe not gonna make it out of the house. the boys each had three slices after school. i may or may not have had just as many.

here's a friday dump of pictures from my phone: still in love with the Instagram app!

1. finally rain! not really any at our house, but some in our town.
2. PSL = pumpkin spice latte! first of the season. darn they are good!
3. boys at their first tee ball practice last night. my heart swelled watching my babes learn from their coach, and make friends with their new teammates. swoon!
4. homemade bagels! i used my bread machine to make the dough. another yummy afterschool treat. very odd shaped. might try harder to make them round next time.
5. boiling tomatillos and jalapenos for salsa. i'll have to share the recipe in another post. so good!
6. honestly the best green salsa ever. my husband should open a mexican restaurant with his salsa skills.
7. coop trying on his XS baseball pants. cuteness to die for!
8. boys are home, backpacks are on their hooks. love
9. afternoon bike riding in under 100 degree weather. score!
10. pumpkin scented halloween themed smell good in the boys bathroom. a must or a treat?! hmmm

have a wonderful weekend! be blessed, and be a blessing :)

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  1. Great pics. The boys are growing up so fast. Looking forward to the salsa recipe.


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