Friday, December 9, 2011


yay! i made it... linking up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged on FRIDAY.
love her motto -life doesn't always go as planned. help others anyway. Amen to that!

life rearranged


it's been a super great week 'round here. here's some pictures i took with my phone.

i took these cool dudes to the mall to see Santa. i've taken them every year of their life in the first week of December. i am very sentimental about it. the boys played along superbly this year. five is good! they dressed up and corbin accessorized them by suggesting they each wear a pair of my sunglasses. it was so cute! more on that in another post...

this is InstaFriday! on to more phone pics

we made a few homemade snow globes. i thought about doing it as a craft for the boys class party. not sure i can come up with enough for 40 kiddos or not. they sure are cute though. i still need to add the distilled water and glycerin.

we are so behind with our Jesse tree stories. adam said it looks pretty sad. we are only 6 ornaments behind. we will catch up.

i'm busy sewing. and trying to remember to be elijah the elf after the boys go to bed at night. most days i'm waking up in the middle of the night remembering to move him to a new spot. wife, mom, daughter, sister, elf... whatever.
the boys like the find the elf game.

cooper said this morning, ugh elijah's in the tree AGAIN. ha
the game invokes lots and lots of questions out of our curious boys.

the hospital by our house had the cross lit up in blue last night. i knew the boys would want to see it, but they were home in bed. i took a picture to show them.

happy weekending! our plans include christmas party with our sunday school class, lacrosse tournament work for adam, church, and caroling on sunday afternoon around dripping springs with our class. we love our sunday school friends. surely loads of laughs and good times to come.

we are blessed!

remember jesus is the reason for the season

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  1. I've been wanting to try a homemade snow globe. so very cool!

    your boys are so cute!!!

    have a great weekend!


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