Monday, December 5, 2011

instagram Monday

i love taking pictures with my iphone! catching up from the end of November.
1. picture of my mom and brother. Ronnie was one.
2. my mom's new dog, sophie. so cute.
3. cooper at the dentist.
4. getting some small surface fillings at the dentist. pain free.
i was so proud of how brave they were at the dentist. we love dr strickland!
5. corbin and i take good self portraits
6. let's merry. i love the holidays.
7. our sunday school class fed thanksgiving dinner to the boys from the burke center
8. coach is finally better after his surgery... he was so pathetic in that cone.
9. a much anticipated playdate with alex, the boys best friend from kindergarten
10. dylan, alex's precious brother
11. corbin's color by number turkey
12. cooper took this of me and corbin posing by the fire last night.
13. ryan's basketball game
14. coop fell asleep in time out :(

have a blessed week.

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