Friday, December 16, 2011


cooper bought me a "MOM" heart charm necklace for christmas at a little shop they set up at school for the kids to buy gifts. i sent them both to school with $5 of their own money. i love how he totally gets the idea of giving to others this time of year. and how he takes after his dad by not being able to wait to give out the gifts he buys. lucky me!
my view at the school picking up the boys every afternoon.
shortbread cookies with sprinkles. easy and yummy!
i love our grocery store. a view of my cart with a redbox rental and tons of yogurt.

this little card reader has changed my life. i used to hook up to my ol printer and upload. coach hanging out by the tree. our next door neighbors tree just turned bright orange this week. love it! super excited about these big boy lacrosse sticks we got the boys for christmas.
a few photos of my crazy hair. it grows so fast and then i can't do a thing with it. i have to show my hairdresser the way it looks just 3 weeks after a hair cut. i'm going shorter next time.
homemade baquette. i'm getting the hang of making the loaves look pretty.
i had to crack up after getting these eye pillows packages up... they look like pretty bras. ha!

a rare doctor visit with the boys. just need assurance they just had colds and no ear infections. they always have so much fun going to the doctor. go figure!
had to get our first doctor excuses for an absence from school.
i loved the scripture and picture on the calendar hanging in our waiting room. james 5:16
the view on our counter for a few days.

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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