Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Camping {summer 2012}

adam and i love to camp. 
 we camp in a tent.
 it's fun to set up our campsite. 
this time we stayed 2 nights, 3 days. that was perfect.
it was the 2nd time for the boys to camp.

state park in the hill country only 46 miles from home. yay!
lots of rocks and hills

 way cool HUGE old trees
most of this area has been under water for a period of time, at one time or another

we did a lot of hiking to get to the water

we had a fan for everyone
it was actually bearable 
the dog is spoiled

this parks restrooms and showers were so clean 
the boys had fun riding their bikes along the trails
this big yellow igloo full of ice cold water kept us nice and hydrated
we roasted marshmellows
fried potatoes
grilled chicken fajitas
and eckridge sausage wrapped in tortillas
pop tarts and fruit for breakfast
sandwiches for lunch
adam rigged up the fans in the tent 
we were nice and cool all night
boys collected bugs
and climbed trees

camping 2012 was a super fun success!
we may go again this fall with our friends :)

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