Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Uganda {Elevare}

my sister in law, Diamond and me went to africa together. 
we were side kicks. sometimes called pete and repeat.
 we stayed together all the time.
i was thrilled to have her as travel buddy.

our 2nd sunday in uganda
we are assigned to Elevare after church 
half day medical and dental clinic

overcast, cool and rainy day
beautiful landscape
we set up inside an unfinished building with minimal electricity
diamond and i liked working in the pharmacy
it really didn't matter how untrained and unqualified we were 
we had a servant spirit
 and were so happy to help out

 these ugandans walked here in hopes of receiving some free medical and dental attention.  they heard we were coming.
 the pastors in the communities work with kelly green to show him where to send help. 
where to set up clinics... then get the people there on the right days...
 we were at this location sunday afternoon, all day monday, tuesday, and half a day wednesday. the most common ailments are cough, muscle ache, sexually transmitted disease, malnutrition, worms, malayria, allergies. we gave away a lot of antibiotics, and tylenol and ibuprofen. vitamins, anti fungal cream, antibiotic ointment 
felt like we were offering a mere band aid for a physical ailment
but there is a sense they needed more than they were asking
our prayer was to give them a light towards eternal hope where spiritual healing is free.

the location was beautiful
right on the nile river
below is the gate we entered through

there were lots of people down at the river 
outside the gates
 collecting water 
washing clothes

 we took a break and went up to Mashah Village, an orphanage right up the hill built by the Met church in Houston

these are the house mother's,
and sarah & jennifer from the Met church in Houston
Leah in the blue skirt is a teacher from Houston who has moved into the orphanage for the summer to be another house mother. 
wow! talk about radical. her heart is huge!
beautifully laid out place. so new and clean. 
so different. what a blessing.
everyone's kitchen is outside in uganda
 cooking involves a lot of burning
 no electric appliances
 no automatic dishwasher or fine china

that afternoon when we returned from the orphanage one of the last patients to be seen was an elderly man who had been seen by members of our team last year. he has a terrible fungus that is eating away his feet. so sad. so little we could do for him.
unimaginable pain
discomfort beyond my comprehension
he walked to us
bless his heart

we gave him a huge bottle of iodine, fungus creams
tylenol, i think

he really wanted to see the dentist as well
but arrived too late in the day
:( heart wrenching realities 

more elevare another day...

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