Sunday, July 8, 2012


i love the instagram app... if you want to follow me i'm aacurtis.

this boy has been obsessed with making paper airplanes.
he watches how to videos on youtube. 

boys were lots of help cleaning up the garage on saturday
i could eat a salad every day in the summer.
 talking about a camping trip

blessed with so many tomatoes in our garden right now, finally.
yum! they are so good homegrown. we've never had any luck growing maters until this year.
reminders of africa
 i think me and the boys are going to attempt to make some here. strips of magazines rolled up, varnished and threaded into a necklace.
french swiss chocolates from amsterdam. so good!
grateful for my home and daily view
so grateful to have been a part of team uganda this year with kelly green global. a trip that will forever hold dear a piece of me. and a place i dream of visiting again and again.

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