Monday, July 25, 2011

good monday

hope your weekend was good.
the boys got new shoes for school on Saturday. they are so funny to shop with. cooper is not too picky and has definite style. he found three pairs he wanted. poor corbin gets overwhelmed with all the options and can't find anything he really likes. it was fun letting them pick out shoes. but i think i'll stick to doing most of the shopping alone for now.

silpada girls, how was your annual conference? i hope you all liked the new wristlets i sewed for you.
i'm making some really cute monogrammed nap mats for the clark twins next. they start preschool in a month. can't wait to show them to you when i'm done. denim and pink for miss halle & miss addison. i had fun shopping around my favorite fabric store for girly pink fabrics. this place is amazing!
we survived vacation bible school. whew, it was a crazy week at shake it up cafe :-)
the boys really loved it. we have all the songs we learned stuck in our heads. good times. good memories.

1 comment:

  1. Where in the world is THAT fabric store? OH. MY. WORD.
    I could have a little fun there. :)


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