Friday, July 1, 2011

i ♥ summer

summer saturday evening fish fry with the neighbors
and my sister and Troy in town from OK. ♥
all our beloved doggies
kiddos who love to play together
cold bottled beer, odoul's, capri sun
watermelon and loads of fried trout caught on the texas coast
ahh, it's the life.

kids played go fish on the sidewalk for at least an hour.
everyone was content. dogs got to hang outside in the front yard on a leash.
i love summer.
{♥ the stricklands}
watermelon is a summer tradition, right? and my boys will eat almost anything... not picky eaters at all. and fruit is their FAVORITE. but watermelon, they won't eat. cooper's face says it all. we've tried it every year, and they always take a bite or two and say they don't like it. maybe someday. it's so refreshing, fun and messy to eat! and no big black seeds to mess with anymore. {how do they do that? what happened to the watermelon's seeds?}

eli and hadley loved the watermelon!

yay! it's friday! the holiday weekend is here.
my favorite brother in law and sister in law and neice are coming for the weekend.
can't wait to see our country livin' fam!
i'm off to wash guest room sheets, clean bathrooms, and play with the kiddos. have a lovely weekend celebrating this great countries independence! happy 4th!

1 comment:

  1. My oldest daughter loves, loves fruit but she will not eat watermelon...I've tried explaining that eating watermelon is a summertime tradition but there is no convincing her!!! Happy 4th!


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